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What distinguishes a single carpet cleaning business from another?

Deciding on the correct carpet cleaning method, and the right business can be confusing. We will also offer 4 recommendations. We will also supply ten questions which you need to ask a carpet cleaner before you invite him into your house.

MISCONCEPTION #1: You should wait as much as you can before cleaning your carpet.

No. Dirt is a natural — like sandpaper. Each time you step on the carpet, you grind dirt into your carpet fibers. This cuts your carpet, just as though you had used a knife, causing it to wear out quicker. And while vacuuming aids — alone, it’s just insufficient. The more time you wait to have your carpet cleaned, the more damage you can do to your carpet as well as the faster it wears out.

MISCONCEPTION #2: The only reason to clean carpets is to get the dirt and stains out.

No. As you probably know, outdoor air contains pollens, fungus, bacteria, air pollution, cigarette smoke, car exhaust — along with countless other harmful chemicals. When you and your relatives enter your home, you carry those pollens and chemicals on your hair and on your skin, clothes, and shoes. Not surprisingly, all those chemicals, pollens and bacteria wind up — you guessed it — from your carpet. .

If you have allergies, asthma, emphysema, or other respiratory difficulties — one key source of your problem could function as pollutants and contaminants on your carpet. Carpet is a wonderful air filter, also prevents many of these pollutants from becoming airborne again and inhaled, as might happen on a tough surface. But like any filter, then your carpet has to be cleaned periodically.

Tobacco smoke contains over 4000 separate chemical substances, 43 of which lead to cancer. Even in case you don’t smoke, then these chemicals get on your sneakers; you monitor them into your home and put them in your carpet. If you’re allergic to cigarette smoke, then you’ll realize that you just ‘ll breathe easier after you hire a firm to correctly get rid of those harmful chemicals from your carpet. In addition to getting rid of dirt and stains, another important reason to clean your carpet is to flush from the pollens, fungus, bacteria, fertilizer, and chemicals as well as tars associated with cigarette smoking.


To begin with , I’ll describe dry cleaning. Lots of folks believe that dry cleaning your carpeting is like dry cleaning your clothes. This is not true. All carpet cleaning systems use water. Here are the three methods of dry cleaning carpet:

Dry Foam. The first dry cleaning process utilizes water-based dry foam, and this can be put on the carpet, allowed to dry, and then simply vacuumed. Can you envision applying shampoo for your hair, letting it dry and then removing the shampoo from your head using a vacuumcleaner? This method could leave a enormous quantity of residue on your carpet, which is one reason dry foam is not very powerful.

Dry-Chem. The dry-chem procedure is like dry foam. A water-based solution is sprayed onto the carpet, and then a bonnet is put below a rotary floor machine and can be summoned across the carpet surface to absorb the soil. When the bonnet is filled with soil, a different cotton bonnet is applied. Bonnet cleaning is like attempting to use a large towel to rub the dirt from your carpet. This process leaves a residue behind and only removes soil from the top area of the carpet. Like sterile foam, it is not so powerful.

Dry Compound. The dry-compound method spreads an absorbent mixture that resembles wet sawdust throughout your carpeting. Subsequently a machine brushes the mixture into the carpet, which in theory induces dirt to absorb into the mixture. When the mixture has dried, then a vacuum cleaner sucks the substance from the carpeting. In a cut pile carpet, it’s not possible to vacuum out it. Like another dry cleaning methods, the ironic chemical method is obsolete and not that successful.

Why do a carpet cleaners nevertheless use dry cleaning methods? The solution is easy — dry cleaning gear is MUCH (roughly 90 percent ) less costly than warm water extraction equipment.

The second carpet cleaning method is called hot water extraction. A warm water cleaning solution is sprayed into the carpet at high pressure, and then sucked from the carpet with a powerful vacuum . This approach is also referred to as steam cleaning, even though steam is not employed.

SHAW INDUSTRIES, the planet ‘s largest carpet manufacturer, recommends hot water extraction. Mohawk, the worlds second largest carpet maker, additionally recommends hot water extraction. There are two key types of hot water extraction equipment: Portable gear, which can be little machines that plug into your household current (like the machines you can rent in the grocery store ), or truck-mounted gear which is are larger, more powerful systems that are mounted in a truck or van that stays on your driveway.

Not surprisingly, the vehicle mount extraction cleans better because it warms the water to a higher temperature and rinses the cleaning solution from the carpet at higher pressure, which divides the dirt, bacteria and pollens. Subsequently the machine employs high-powered extraction to concurrently draw the soiled solution from the carpet. This is the method that we recommend.

No question, the most effective approach to wash carpeting is using a truck mounted hot water extraction system. It’s that the most effective cleaning machine on the sector and the only system that thoroughly removes dirt, harmful bacteria, fungus, chemicals, pollens and other residues.

Methods that use cold and even warm water, remove a soil, but are much less successful since the hot-water truck mount method.

Some people feel that warm water damages your carpet, but this isn’t true. By washing and rinsing your carpet with hot water, then we clean your carpet thoroughly — in exactly the same way that the man who showers and then rinses off the dirt and soap will be a lot cleaner than the individual who soaps up and then wipes off with a towel without rinsing off. In fact, not only does warm water wash better, quicker, and without cleaning agents, in addition, it dries quicker as well as sanitizes your carpet, which contributes to a cleaner, healthier indoor living environment.

MISCONCEPTION #4: Having the right equipment is all a company needs to clean your carpets thoroughly.

Not true. Many companies own hot-water extractors, however a great number of employees aren’t trained to use these correctly. You probably know somebody who purchased the brand new computer on the market — but didn’t know how to use it. The business may own decent gear, but the employees may not understand how to use it properly.

The best carpet cleaning companies are those that have been accredited by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification, or even the IICRC. A carpet cleaning business cannot get this certification. The carpet cleaner must earn the certification through study, experience, along with the successful conclusion of formal, written assessments. Technicians that are certified by the IICRC have, in consequence, earned a degree in carpet and fabric cleaning.

The IICRC provides written credentials to the companies that it certifies. Thus, before you choose a respectable firm, ask to see my site written evidence of the company’s IICRC certifications.

MISCONCEPTION #5: The company that provides the lowest price is that the company you should employ.

Perhaps, but not always. Listed here are two significant points to consider.

Point #1: The price you see offered may not be for the services you need performed. Before you decide on a company, choose what you want to do. If you want the tech to remove only some of the dirt, you may select from hundreds of businesses which use little shampooers or other low cost techniques, or you may even rent a machine in the grocery shop and do the occupation.

On the flip side, you may want your carpet to be thoroughly cleaned, and to wash fast. If you want to remove the damaging dirt, bacteria, pollens, tobacco and chemicals residues then you need to employ an organization that employs a hot water extractor mounted in a van. Here is the only way to assure that your carpet stays healthy and free from grime, disease-causing bacteria, and dangerous chemicals.

So, remember, the price you see offered may not be for the services you need performed.

Point #2: The price you see advertised may not be the price you pay!

Many homeowners have learned that the low price they saw advertised was not the amount they have been charged. If you’ve ever hired a "bait and switch" business, you may have heard the hard way that many carpet cleaners offer a remarkably low price like $9.99 each room, and then force you into paying far more once they’re in the house. Not only is this unethical, but in many cases it’s illegal.

As in all industries professions, the carpet cleaning industry has its share of bad apples. I take no delight in telling you that, but some are unethical and, regrettably, some are still dishonest. By their deceptive advertising and false claims, they throw a dark shadow on our whole industry.

You then ‘ll find other carpet cleaners, professionals like us, that work hard to earn your confidence and respect.

As a way of enhancing our profession, I’ve dedicated my business to educating people. The only way you can make an intelligent choice would be to have all of the facts you require. That is the reason why I’ve composed this message.

MISCONCEPTION #6:: Any fair carpet cleaning business should be in a position to give you an exact price quote on the telephone.

This is not true. While we could offer an estimate on the telephone, we can’t really nail down the final number until we are in the house.

To begin with, honest, reliable, carpet cleaning businesses usually price carpet cleaning by the square foot. So, if you’d want us to inform you the exact price of cleaning your carpet, we must know the exact number of square feet which you want cleaned. To get an accurate measurement, we now use a measuring tape to figure out the exact dimensions of the carpeted place.

You’ll be glad to know that the carpeted area to be cleaned is not nearly as great as most individuals think. By way of example, if you want your whole home cleaned, and your house is 2000 square feet, the quantity of carpeting to be cleaned may be only 1200 square foot. This is because the majority of home measurements are outdoor measurements. We deduct the place taken up by walls, room dividers, hard flooring surfaces, and so on. The outcome is that the actual area to be cleaned is generally only about 60% of the square footage of the house.

So, even though I could ‘t even give you an exact quote on the telephone, here are things I think when estimating a cost.

To begin with, the type of carpet. Specific kinds of carpet are more clean this carpet difficult to clean than other people. Therefore, before I can give you a quotation, I need to be aware of the type of fiber that your carpet is created from.

Second, the total amount of soiling. Carpet that hasn’has already been cleaned for 10 years can take longer to clean than carpet that was cleaned over the last 6 weeks.

Third, the amount of furniture that must be moved. If we have to move your furniture, the price of labour must be included. However , if you move your furniture, you’ll save money.

To recap, I consider the type of carpet, the total amount of money, and the quantity of furniture that must be moved.

The more they remain dirty, the sooner they’ll use out. Also think of the air quality in your house and the wellness benefits of cleaning from the pollens, fungus, chemicals, and dust mite droppings that live on your carpet.

Would you only need a number of the surface grime eliminated, something you could do with a rented machine? Or do you desire the germs, fungus, and chemicals eliminated, which will demand a hot water truck mount cleaner, just like we use? Would you need to utilize an honest, reliable firm — or are you ready to risk working with the business that offers the lowest price — understanding that firm might not be in business ?

The way you learn about a business is to ask certain questions and listen attentively to the answers. Here are the questions I suggest you ask.

What exactly does your gear remove in my carpet? What type of chemicals do you use? Are they safe? What experience and training do you have? Are you a part of some trade institutions, and if yes, which ones? Are you certified by the IICRC and are you going to show me your certification? Do you guarantee your work? Have you got general liability insurance and workers compensation? (Critical)

RECOMMENDATION #4: Once you’re satisfied that you’re working with a fair, capable professional, invite them into your house and ask for a specific quote in writing. A written quote provides you the assurance that you understand just what your project will cost. No surprises.

By abiding by these four recommendations, you’ll gain all of the info you need to create an informed, intelligent choice. If you want a fast, cheap surface carpet cleaning job, there are lots of companies in the telephone book to choose from. Or you may rent a machine in the supermarket and try yourself.

But if you want your carpets to be thoroughly and completely cleaned — removing the bacteria, fungus, chemicals, pollens, and tobacco residues — afterward, I invite you to call Longshore Services.

We will be happy to answer your queries — give you a price estimate over the telephone or come to your house and give you a free written quote — without any obligation of any sort.

Here’s just one final thing: I understand that lots of consumers are skeptical about carpet cleaning companies. So, as well as dedicating my business to customer education, I do yet another thing as well.

We guarantee our work. This is going to be the most thorough carpet cleaning that you ‘ve ever had, also it’s free. That’s right. We fully guarantee every carpet cleaning job we all perform. In case you aren’t happy with our work, we’ll promptly return and re-clean any and all areas of concern. Should you still aren’t pleased, we’ll refund 100% of your cash.

What could be more straightforward? How about that: If some stains return right after we clean the carpeting, we’ll return happily return to wash them. Guaranteed.


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